Durasonic Corporation has been a cutting-edge manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment for over 15 years. Since its establishment, Durasonic has grown into a specialised manufacturer of ultrasonic units and cleaners. It has received global recognition for its quality products and currently exports its products to various countries including Japan and the US. Durasonic is actively responding to consumer's needs in sectors such as semiconductor, LCD, wafer, PDP, monitors, and the solar wafer industry.

  • Duratop tabletop series offers powerful ultrasonic cleaning with selectable ultrasonic power. The series comes with various kind of ultrasonic frequency – 40 KHz, 68 KHz and 132 KHz. All tabletop series comes with a built-in heater and timer to control the temperature and time. There is a built-in drain valve unit which allows you to drain off the solution easily. All tabletop series include a standard basket and cover.
  • Benchtop series, ranging from 15 to 133 litres, is ideal for all forms of heavy duty industrial ultrasonic cleaning. Stable output power independent of fluid level, temperature and load variance. Specialised impulse and sweep mode which load powerful and uniform cavitation. Benchtop series comes with options like tank cover, basket, level sensor or timer.
  • Immersible transducers and generator set makes it easy to add ultrasonic efficiency to your current process by using your own existing tanks. Durable and specially bonded transducers offer enhanced cleaning performance. Hard Cr-plating increases life expectancy and durability. It provides various kind of frequency (e.g. 28kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, 80kHz, 120kHz, etc)
  • Vapor Degreasers (1-Sump, 2-Sump, 3-Sump or Multi-Sump] are all customisable to suit your production needs. The vapour degreaser equipment is designed with the flexibility to degrease and operate safely with a wide range of non-flammable degreasing solvents which are sold separately.