Since 1959, Klotz® Synthetic Lubricants sets the standard in the high-performance lubricants category. Reliability, innovation and consistency are hallmarks of our product lineup and that's why racers and performance enthusiasts trust Klotz. If you're already a Klotz loyalist or are trying our products for the first time, we're positive that our specially formulated lubricants will not only meet your demands but far exceed our customer's discriminating expectations. Engineered to thrive in the most gruelling competitive environments, Klotz lubricants are always race-tested to ensure they perform, without fail. Whether it's your car, boat, motorcycle (2-stroke, 4-stroke or V-Twin), ATV, personal watercraft or if you're an RC enthusiast, you can depend on Klotz. Klotz products are always tested under race-conditions, a tradition that continues to this day. Long before our products reach your engine, exhaustive hours of research and development are conducted under the rigors of dynamometer-testing in addition to thousands of laps on the race track. The end result is a proven product that is reliable and promotes longevity inside the engine. Performance and reliability are hallmarks of the Klotz brand. Klotz proudly specialises in serving the high-performance needs of the automotive, kart, marine, motorcycle, RC scale model, SkiCraft® and snowmobile markets. Providing the highest quality and most reliable products to enhance your good times on the track and on the road is our commitment to you.

BeNOL® Racing Castor Oil

The ultimate 2-stroke lubrication protection and performance is the choice of serious racers. Degummed and extra fortified for maximum reliability. BeNOL® provides twice the film strength and load carrying capacity over conventional castor oils. Double the film strength and load carrying capacity of traditional castor oils. Blends with methanol, alcohol, ethanol, nitromethane, and gasoline. Premix only - Not intended for oil injection

HeliGlow ® Synthetic Lubricant

Pure synthetic base materials are blended for the perfect level of lubrication and performance for modern R/C helicopter glow engines. Klotz® HeliGlow® is a special, new generation, light weight-viscosity synthetic lubricant which provides enhanced flow ability and improved lubrication with increased swept volume fuel charge for stronger performance. HeliGlow® provides easier starting, smoother transition from low to high speed, and reduced engine temperature on climb-outs, plus added fuel economy. Klotz® HeliGlow® reduces friction and provides greater protection against wear, while reducing carbon build-up for more stable top-end, wide-open throttle operation. Blends with methanol alcohol and gasoline.

Super TechniPlate ®

Pure synthetic bases are blended with 20% BeNOL® Racing Castor Oil. Provides engines the Clean Burn quality of Klotz synthetic lubricants along with the exceptional film strength of castor oil. Specifically designed for 2-stroke pre-mix racing engines. Clean Burn technology reduces carbon and residue build-up. Blends with methanol, alcohol, ethanol, nitromethane, and gasoline. Premix only.