VP PowerMaster® Premium Nitro Racing Fuel is performance engineered by VP Racing Fuels®, the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology. With over 35 years of proven full-scale racing dominance, VP has transformed the time-tested formulation of PowerMaster into a world-class fuel using its world-class facility and nothing less than the best ingredients. PowerMaster is blended to the tightest tolerances possible – tolerances that cannot be matched by other hobby fuel brands.

VP Racing Fuels is the Official Fuel of the NHRA, World of Outlaws, American LeMans Series and more. It only makes sense that the world’s best full-scale race fuel manufacturer now produces the world’s best R/C fuel. We want to make sure you have the very best fuel to give you the best chance to win, and that includes packaging. The container the fuel is stored in is just as important to performance as the quality of the chemicals themselves. What good is it to put a high-performance fuel in a container that delivers anything less than the best standards possible? PowerMaster uses only DOT approved pressure-tested metal cans with an inner lining to prevent corrosion. Even the closure cap is tested to the highest of standards. What you get is the highest quality fuel packaged in a fully sealed can that offers the same performance months down the road as the day you purchased it. Trust the name. Trust PowerMaster.

Nitro Race R/C Motorsport Fuel

PowerMaster Nitro Race is developed by VP Racing Fuels to be THE answer for your racing needs. Nitro Race is formulated with a high-performance oil package for incredible rpm and power gains without sacrificing reliability.

  • Ultra-clean burn – Easy to tune - No after-run necessary
  • Extended runtime that sheds pit stops during long mains
  • Multi-viscosity 9% lubrication package: Synthetic/Castor blend w/ high-tech EP package for the ultimate combination of rpm and protection

Synthetic / Castor Blend
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 16% Touring Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 25% Car
  • PowerMaster Nitro Race 40% Car
  • Powermaster 25% Road Race (11% lubrication package)

R/C Aviation Fuel

Even the most accomplished Reno Air Racing teams choose VP fuels to power the fastest piston-powered airplanes in the world and have made VP the “Fuel of Choice” for over 25 years. Imagine what VP PowerMaster can do for your scale R/C aircraft.

  • Ultra-clean burn – Easy to tune - No after-run necessary
  • Synthetic and Synthetic/Castor blends are available in all popular oil percentages:

Synthetic / Castor Blend
  • 5% Nitro PowerMaster Airplane 18% oil
  • 15% Nitro PowerMaster Airplane 18% oil

Premium Heli Fuel

PowerMaster Premium Heli Fuel is developed with a low-viscosity oil package combined with a technically-advanced extreme pressure additive package that eliminates bearing wear under any load. This high-performance lubrication package works extremely well for steel bearings and ceramics alike.

Unmatched crankshaft protection – Ultra-clean burn – No After-run Necessary. Synthetic and Synthetic/Castor blends are available in all popular oil percentages:

Low Viscosity – All Synthetic

  • 15% PowerMaster Helicopter Low Viscosity 23% oil – ALL SYNTHETIC
  • 20% PowerMaster Helicopter Low Viscosity 23% oil – ALL SYNTHETIC
  • 30% PowerMaster Helicopter Low Viscosity 23% oil – ALL SYNTHETIC

PowerWash (R/C Formula)

The newest product in VP’s Consumer Products portfolio is PowerWash™, a powerful cleaner specifically formulated for the unique demands of powersports, R/C hobby and other applications. VP PowerWash R/C Formula specifically formulated for the demanding applications unique to the R/C Hobby industry. The concentrated, dual-action detergent in VP PowerWash R/C Formula suspends and floats away dirt and grease. It makes cleaning easier without streaks or spots.

VP PowerMaster 500cc Power Filler Fuel Bottle

Fuel your R/C nitro machine in style with the new VP PowerMaster 500cc Power Filler fuel bottle!
The VP PowerMaster Power Filler bottle sets itself apart from the rest with its eye-catching three-color graphics and is made to last with its high quality construction and race-tested design. The easy-squeeze feel and angled spout delivers fast and consistent fills to get you in and out of the pits in a hurry. The Power Filler fuel bottle comes preassembled and includes a snug-fit cap for proper seal.