With a history of "green" products beginning in 1992, SAFE CARE® cleaners and solvents were the products of choice in the transportation and petroleum industry because of performance. SAFE CARE products provide an alternative for environmentally responsible companies who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic industrial chemical products. Using cutting-edge plant-based technology, SAFE CARE products offer the industrial user powerful and effective cleaners, degreasers, solvents and specialty products without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional, toxic chemistries.

SAFE CARE products rely on renewable plant-based chemistries that are safe to use, store and dispose of and comply with all applicable OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations for safety. SAFE CARE products are highly filterable and reusable and will not damage the cleaning surface or react with other chemistries. Comprised solely of plant-based materials, SAFE CARE products contain alcohols, fatty acids, esters, waxes, saponifiers, chelators, enzymes and other fractions from soy, corn, palm kernel, peanut, walnut, safflower, sunflower, Canola, and cotton seed.

  • SAFECARE-Aircraft and Metal Cleaner Concentrate is an advanced non-ionic surfactant system especially formulated for use on both ferrous and nonferrous, soft metal surfaces such as aluminium, cadmium and brass. SAFECARE-Aircraft and Metal Cleaner causes long chain hydrocarbon soils such as JA or JP fuels, gear lubricants, cutting fluids, carbon soot, hydraulic fluids and other soils, to release from the surface so that they can be rinsed away with water. SAFECARE-Aircraft and Metal Cleaner is water-miscible, and has dielectric and anti-oxidant properties.
  • SAFECARE-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate is our most versatile and powerful non-ionic surfactant system used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The powerful micelle cleaning action of SAFECARE-1000 will cause long chain hydrocarbon soils including fats, greases, oils, proteins and sugars to repel from the surface so that they can be rinsed away with water, without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface. SAFECARE-1000 is not a typical caustic detergent or petroleum solvent, therefore it will not damage or react with the cleaning surface.