For over 45 years, Sprayon® has delivered reliable, innovative solutions for the most demanding industrial and MRO applications. Our products and programmes are developed to meet the needs of today’s industrial maintenance professional. Sprayon enables your operation to become more efficient, productive, profitable and empowers your workforce to work smarter, safer and more effectively.

  • Sprayon is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of tested and approved electrical and electronic maintenance cleaners. Our extensive line includes plastic safe contact cleaners for your most sensitive applications and degreasers for thorough cleaning of the heaviest soils.
  • Sprayon’s full line of lubricants, penetrants, rust preventatives and greases feature wide temperature ranges, extreme load pressure capacities, food grade formulations, and other high performance properties.
  • Sprayon Mold Release coatings range from a comprehensive line of non-ozone depleting silicone, paintable and food grade mold releases, to a select line of mold maintenance products.
  • Sprayon's welding products are carefully formulated to meet more specialised maintenance needs. These welding formulas meet tough industry specifications and offer high corrosion resistance across a multitude of applications.
  • These carefully formulated products are designed to meet specialised maintenance needs. They include products for cleaning, degreasing and protecting batteries, engines, parts and equipment. These products protect surface against oils, moisture, acids and alkalis.